SEO Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is a much forgotten topic with which you can achieve great results. And it is relatively cheap and sustainable. We can ensure that more visitors do what you want them to do. For instance; register or register, contact us, request a quote or buy something right away. Your conversion may be delayed due to all kinds of unexpected causes.

Demonstrably more conversion

We always show the result in our monthly reports. In short, that your investment in conversion optimization will pay for itself (in multiples). In more registrations, information requests, customers and sales. We communicate about the tests carried out, changes to the website, etc. And of course everything works based on close consultation with you. This package includes all (design) changes to the website. And the use of all necessary tools for testing and analysis.


  • Various A / B tests every month (layout, design, usability variables etc.)
  • Google Analytics review
  • Analysis of visitor flows
  • Set up conversion goals
  • Tracking tools; movement, click and scroll scans
  • Persona study; description (potential) customer (s)
  • Information architecture and top tasks, navigation,
  • References and testimonials
  • Interviews with customers / visitors
  • Competitive analysis

Our Process

Social Strategy

We choose a strategy which focuses on the most effective social media platforms for your business. This can be a pretty good prospect to increase your website visitors. We will identify channel specific objectives, focus on fostering customer engagement and ensure the content echoes your brand's voice, values ​​and telling the story of your product.

Content Creation

Whatever the platform, whatever the medium, we can produce the content you need. We create shareable social content - video, infographics, images etc. to increase your brand engagement and SEO.

Social Advertising

Paid social media ads can play a key part in reaching new prospects beyond your reach. This could be through promoted updates on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn or sponsored content on visual-based platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube.

Reporting & Analysis

We work with data everyday. Our regular social media reports will help plan the future campaigns, activity and influence other marketing channels. Our reports provide you with the insight to come to know your audience better.

Curious about the possibilities?

We are happy to tell you what we as SEO agency & web designers from Amsterdam can realize for you and guarantee.